surprise-free zone

News from the combine is not exactly startling. Leinart, Bush, and Vince Young are confident. Bush wants to be drafted first. Vince Young is not perhaps a rocket scientist, but apparently not a total moron either. (No point in pseudo-eggheads like me trying to act superior while he laughs all the way to the bank.)

I am indebted to the LA Times for reporting that Marcedes Lewis, late of UCLA, is not trying to grow any taller, despite scouts’ off-the-record concerns (what a load of crap, really).

The only interesting items as far as I am concerned is that LenDale White is admitting to eating all of the family dinners over the holidays, and Michael Hoff wants to buy an IHOP. I would venture to say that LenDale White can stand to be a little heavy; having defenders hanging onto his shirt or his love-handles doesn’t seem to make much difference when they are flapping in the slipstream.

And I am now willing to forgive Michael Hoff for thwarting 4th-and-National-Championship for having the most eccentric franchise-owning dream of this and probably several preceding drafts.


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