It’s spring practice!

Spring practice has started. Primary stories, no surprise, are Booty being the unofficial starting quarterback until Sanchez out-throws him, and trying to figure out who to play at tailback. Hershel Dennis seems a logical starter, and Carroll will try Whitney Lewis at tailback because he hasn’t had much luck as a wideout…

Trojans Spring Into a New Era  – LA Times

For Now, Booty is No. 1 QB – LA Daily News

On the draft front:

Leinart claims via his agent that he’s still assuming he’s going to New Orleans, says the Times-Picayune.  Whereas, some blowhard on ESPN radio is claiming that Leinart is going to go to the Jets, because it’s a better marketing fit for the NFL and the Saints are too flaky to be trusted with a superstar… we shall see. The New York Daily News wasn’t so sure.
In the meantime,  the Denver Post is suggesting that the move by Edgerrin James to Arizona, and Jamal Lewis staying at Baltimore, means that LenDale White may end up at Denver. Not looking forward to having a reason to look positively on the Broncos, but life is like that sometimes.


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