shearer a-go-go (please)

Enough already with all the articles about how sad it is that Alan Shearer is going to finish his career at Newcastle without any trophies. Perhaps if they gave trophies for being an egotistical twit with a penchant for dirty fouls and (lately) diving, he might be in with a shot — but Cristiano Ronaldo is younger and doubtless faster.

This is only an indirectly related thought: I feel badly for Glenn Roeder as the caretaker manager. No matter what he does, Shearer will doubtless end up as the manager; it's thankless. I have tried not to make fun of Roeder since his tragic 2003 — getting a brain tumour on top of managing West Ham, what did he ever to do anyone? I do wonder, though, what he's writing down during matches. "Must not look like cat's backside?" "Must remember to hobble wor Alan?" — who knows?


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  1. […] I know I've mentioned note-taking managers before, but I noted this curious phenomenon again while I was watching the highlights of Bolton spanking Charlton. Curbishley kept making notes and looking more distressed. At great expense and inconvenience, I have been able to obtain a copy of his notes: […]

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