note-taking managers

I know I've mentioned note-taking managers before, but I noted this curious phenomenon again while I was watching the highlights of Bolton spanking Charlton. Curbishley kept making notes and looking more distressed. At great expense and inconvenience, I have been able to obtain a copy of his notes:

  • At least they haven't scored a goal yet
  • Damn!
  • Must score two goals.
  • Bollocks to this, must try defending.
  • Damn!
  • Must score three goals
  • Damn!
  • Must score four goals
  • bastard Jaaskelainen!
  • hoorah — must score three goals!
  • bollocks — must try defending (see above)
  • Damn!
  • Crap. Must score four goals.

At this point the list tapers off with what look like tear stains.


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