Reggie Bush and family housing

There's plenty to read about the fuss over Reggie Bush and his family's choice of accomodation, so here's the link to a Google news search rather than me trying to link everything.

I had a quick look at Bruins Nation and they are unsurprisingly wetting themselves in glee and schadenfreude. Rightly so, I suppose, since I would do the same were circumstances reversed.

My only thought on this subject concerns the true extent of any malfeasance: I suspect that whatever's been going on starts and stops with Bush in this case. Michaels doesn't appear to have been affiliated with USC, so this isn't a good old fashioned booster issue.

 Even if there are areas with issues with institutional control, this isn't the example.

Still, I bet that the Heritage Hall crew are going to be playing this very carefully with requested investigations to make sure that any blowback stays with Bush. And it's not like they don't have any experience in uninstalling Heisman cases.

If indeed there's something to this, then Reggie should take the consequences (if any) instead of prevaricating. For someone who so plainly cares about his image, it's odd that he might be getting burned on this of all things. I would like to think that he is a basically decent guy He's apparently unclear that being a decent guy extends to not letting your parents screw around with NCAA regs that affect the whole university.

Hope that shoe deal comes with up-front money, just in case.
Final thought: I am not too wound up about this provided that we're talking about some individual NCAA regulation violations.


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