a few thoughts on the draft

Mario Williams to Houston as the #1 pick? Bizarre. I know that Reggie Bush's advisors aren't publicy wetting themselves about the endorsement implications for playing for New Orleans, but presumably they had stocked up on Depends after the overnight reports on the Houston change of heart.

I'm not shedding tears for Matt Leinart over being picked by the Cardinals — so he's out a few million, I think he'll manage. I'll be interested to see how Justice does in Philly, and Lutui with the Cardinals.

The potential mayhem that you could see from a Vince Young – LenDale White combination should be making some people in Tennessee happy — as pointed out on Burnt Orange Nation, at least one (ex) Houston team managed to draft in a way that makes sense, superficially at least.

And a final note: I was watching a little bit of the draft coverage on ESPN, and my not-quite-four-year-old daughter said of Chris Berman," That man is talking badly… he's lying! He's lying!" Attagirl.


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