final words on the draft as its own phenomenon

Having watched parts of the coverage, I am inclined to join the "so what" crowd, at least in terms of the draft as a media event.

It makes for plenty of fuel for prognostication, but there's something dishonest about a group of people who create a set of predictions and then lambast the draftees for not meeting those expectations — when those draftees don't draft themselves.

Even the apparently good people, i.e. Jaworski, on ESPN give the appearance that they have forgotten a simple fact: they report on the action, they are not the action. Jaworski went on a rampage about how Jay Cutler will be the best, most durable quarterback in the 2006 draft, going on about "…that's why he's my guy!" Sorry to disappoint, but no, he's the Denver Bronco's guy.
I stayed tuned in long enough to see someone from the Packers refuse to answer the following question: did Favre suck last year because he wasn't getting coached, or because he wouldn't listen? Respect to the teamate who told the WWL crew that they were asking the wrong question and continued to refuse to answer it.


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