Larry Smith weighs in

Some individual who goes by the name Corky Simpson and writes for the Tucson Citizen decided to mosey over to Larry Smith's house and get his views on the recent Trojan woes. 

This quote from the article is priceless:

One time we were getting ready for the Rose Bowl and I walked into the locker room and there was an agent talking to Junior Seau. I kicked him out. I mean, holy moly!

"We had to have security everywhere we went, and these people still showed up, trying to send hookers up to the players' rooms, trying to buy tickets from players . . . 'I'll buy your Notre Dame tickets and give you a thousand dollars'. . .that kind of stuff. It's a nightmare for a coach."

So does that mean that the last couple of weeks could have been worse? Surely not. After all, if they were still sending up hookers, Winston Justice surely wouldn't have been caught out in Long Beach.


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