latest on scandals, May 5

The LA Daily News is now formally reporting that Sanchez is lining up witnesses in his defense. There’s an odd story in the LA Times about how Sanchez has hired a lawyer who’s a UCLA alum and who wrote a letter to the LA Times about how lawless Trojans were getting away with rape and drug possession (yeah, we’re looking at you Eric Wright) because they had better lawyers… Now he’s claiming he knows nothing of it; was it just a sophisticated advertising campaign on his part?

Anyway, I can only wonder what the guys over at Bruins Nation will make of it—once they have finished lambasting Dorrell over not suspending two players allegedly involved in a punch-up earlier in the year. I suspect that they will still be feeling a warm glow over the rantings of one nitwit. Even though the other SC alum responses to this tool were along the lines of “shut up, fool!,” who gets publicized for the world to see? Naturally.

Perhaps we should establish some kind of clearinghouse—either certify people before they post, or set up some kind of tiered blogging system that includes an idiot level, a troll level, etc.

I think we all know where I would end up…


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