The rest of the week

There's no chance I'm going to watch all of the World Cup games. I could theoretically tape them all — I've not succumbed to Tivo yet, it seems too risky — but there's every chance that I would end up with Sesame Street in place of the 3 pm (Eastern US) game… And while the World Cup comes but once every 4 years, I feel no obligation to watch Tunisia take on Saudi Arabia, life's too short. 

There's an excellent book called Soccer in Sun and Shadow by a Uruguyan author named Eduardo Galeano, who makes the point that he watches games as much as anything else as a pilgrim searching for beautiful play. I'm not that dedicated but I have the same feeling. Rosicky's first goal against the US was a case in point, and at a much more modest level the build up of a Donovan -> Convey -> not-quite-Johnson move had its charms also.  

So, on the grounds of possibly attractive or at least technically interesting football, I'm thinking Brazil – Croatia, Holland – Ivory Coast, and Czech Republic – Ghana.  I have some interest in some other games, but that's based on my pyramid of xenophobia (well that's what the missus seems to think it is, anyway) to be discussed shortly…


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  1. […] Leaving aside tedious things like technical merit, I have to have more than one way of picking which teams to support, for reasons that will become clear as I work my way through the teams that I have been known to or will support. […]

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