David Villa – Coal Miner’s Daughter

With ESPN broadcasting, you take what you can get with soccer coverage.  As it stands, one of the better options is former all-star of NYC's German American Soccer League, Tommy Smyth.  The phrase, "Bulging the old onion bag," may get old, but never to old to lose its sophomoric charm.  It also beats anything that comes out of Marcelo Balboa's useless catchphrase cache.

Thanks to Tommy I now know with a great deal of certainty due in great part to the high frequency of mentions that David Villa's father was a coal miner.  The point was so beleaugered that I was a bit upset that I didn't get to hear more of Senior Villa's childhood in the rural setting of Butcher Hollow (Hueco del Carnicero perhaps more precise).  But it gives the old fella something to talk about and gets the images of bulging onion bags out of my head for a bit…

Spain were pretty stellar, by the way.  Keys to a Spanish victory – don't start Raul.  In fact this goes for all teams – ignore established but underproducing stars in favor of either young emerging talent or late bloomers who play for unfashionable teams.  Look at Italy with Luca Toni or Holland with their entire team and then look at France and the sad vision of superstars trying to hold on to their youth – a bit like watching the end of Sunset Boulevard.

Anyway, Spain are good.  A little less dogged devotion to exclusively using the wings to develop attack, as has been the case when ever they start Joaquin.  This allowed for an interesting midfield with Luis Garcia and Xavi engaging in some diagonal movement in attack.  Senna was also impressive in controlling the midfield.  Even the more racist of the Spanish supporters would have to be pleased he opted for Spanish citizenship.

Spain are totally going to blow it though.


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