Damn you Steven Gerrard

That was a pretty talent free display, barring the effort wherein Stevie Me actually showed some talent with that goal he scored — I was sufficiently impressed that I didn't swear aloud.  

Mind you, if Stern John's backheel in the 92nd minute hadn't been from an offside position, that would have been my favortite "eff off" goal of the tournament…

What a shambles are England. They're not footballing geniuses, but they aren't this inherently bad. What evil curse follows them around causing them to suck so much? Some kind of bland anti-djinn who causes balls and knickers to drop…

Still, they might as well try starting Aaron Lennon and Theo "tiddly" Walcott against Sweden because it couldn't be any more hopeless. If I were Jermaine DeFoe I'd be spending my evening in the bathroom, crying quietly and pausing only to spew… then collapse with the dry heaves. 

/rant. It's not like I'll be sorry to see them go out the tournament — but I can't help and wonder if they might not replicate Germany's 2002 Gump-like (gümpliche?) arrival in the finals…


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  1. […] I've made my feelings about Steven Gerrard known before… but I have to grit my teeth and type this: Gerrard saved the draw for England today, and he was impressive doing it. By the time he was brought on the English were like a pack of lame mules on speed — all movement and no hope — but between his save on the goal-line and his perfect positioning for his goal, he made the difference.  […]

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