Less Creativity Than a Giant Oversized Uncreative Thingy

It's fine and dandy to place your most creative players in those wide and forward positions to account for centerbacks who defuse an attack by pushing forward-moving players as far out wide as possible. However, if the service from the middle of the park is lacking ingenuity on any level and the measured build up from an insightful back-line is non-existent, then you will only win a game through good old fashioned attrition; wearing down the opposition with the frequency of runs, which is not that creative or ingenious.

This is especially bad if you are doing this while I am on a secret mission outside of the office taking an extended "lunch sabbatical." 88 minutes of waiting and nervously checking voice-mail to watch a Calvin Klein model score a goal for Sweden…sigh

Advice for anyone who suffered through today's matches (except for plucky little mask-wearing Ecuador) and noticed some serious lack of incisive passing from the central midfield. (Unless Steven Gerrard skying the ball over the bar from 40 yards out is some new-fangled Adidas-sponsored pass I am yet to grasp.) Rooney does well for club because he has well trained and intelligent non-English players supplying him. Lampard and Gerrard to well for their respective clubs because they have well trained and intelligent non-English players to pass to. Put them all on one team and you have a bunch of gents looking for someone to create for them.

As for Sweden, I remember now why Denmark is the only Scandinavian team I ever really want to see win. Stig Toftig, we hardly knew ye.


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