Holy Moly (Argentina 6, Serbia and Montenegro 0)

Looks like I picked the wrong match to skip this morning — just the goal highlights on the World Cup site alone for Argentina were phenomenal, and the match reports suggest that the build-up play through mid-field was something to behold. I think the second (?) goal off a backheel pass from Crespo was jazzy, but the fifth from Tevez was something else. It's not all that long ago that an Argentinian player tackled anywhere near the box would have been writhing like a racehorse needing to be shot, but Tevez shrugged off two challenges before scoring. Rock on!

In the meantime, the Serbia and Montenegro team must feel a bit like a couple that's decided to separate but has to go through some painful social events that were scheduled months in advance, because it's too hard to get out of the mix without awkward explanations. The painful prolonged silences in the grey morning aftermath don't bear thinking about.


2 Responses

  1. wow.

    i left for work after 4 goals, thinking that there was no way it would get better.


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