Insert Dutch Pun Here

Just back from an early pre-lunch sabbatical.  missed two emails (office wide notices) and no voicemails.  not bad. Watched the match at an Irish pub next to an Englishman, a  German and a Japanese guy.  A duck and a rabbi walked in during the second half, but they weren't welcome in the joke.

Holland were alright, but not convincing.  Though, perhaps Ivory Coast turned it up to eleven as the pressure to win was on.

Either which way, I hate Chelsea.  The most obnoxious players on the pitch (being Drogba and Robben) are both prime examples of what Chelsea gives the world – diving ballhogs.  Just as was the case against Serbia and Montenegro, Robben refused to pass to open players.  Just as was the case against Argentina, Drogba was a cheat.

Doesn't matter, Holland are through and can act like they don't care when Argentina smoke them.


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