Under Pressure

I tried to catch the second half at the local Holiday Inn where they have an Irish-themed sports bar, which was open for the England game yesterday but not this (eh?) There was a large tv in the lobby but just there was a little boy with his finger in a dike — surely a bit risqué for northern Virginia, I'd have thought — and I decided to leave before the horse and the nun showed up.

In any case, I thought that Ivory Coast were unlucky to not get a draw out of it. While Thistle71 is quite correct that Drogba is a diving ball-hog, I knew that Ivory Coast were serious when Drogba wasn't diving in the box because he was too busy trying to score. But they were so intent on scoring, I think that they were missing chances trying to settle the ball too much.

I am amazed that the Dutch were able to soak up all that pressure and still mount an occasional counter-attack. But Robben should be fitted with an electric dog-collar so that van Basten can shock him when he fails to make a simple pass to an open team-mate and makes another half-assed shot on goal instead.


2 Responses

  1. i have decided that though very good against argentina, the ivory coast brought it all out against holland.

    in the serbia and one montenegran match, holland maintained possession, played forward passing and switched the ball constantly and brilliantly. there wasn’t so much of that in this game. current theory – so much of the ivorian game is based on speed and power that when they did switch the ball, there would be an ivorian waiting for it, muscling a dutch guy out of the way. they were constantly running on to the passes which quite effectivley forced holland to play the counter-attack.

    any other group and the ivory coast would be through.

  2. of note too, the dutch are very good at diving. they have a dopted an acutely efficient way of doing it, winning penalties and not looking like nancies. except for robben, who is more obvious and does look like a nancy.

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