Palancas Negras!

I figured that despite my deep affection for Angola (well, I bought a t-shirt), I wouldn't catch the game today because I had a meeting at 3.15 (on a Friday! with a client! madness!) and Telemundo would surely show Argentina tearing apart Serbia and Montenegro.


So I settled into watch Mexico – Angola and for a goalless draw it was a surprisingly compelling game. I don't want to fall prey to making back-handedly patronizing compliments about the Angolans, but they were well organized, played without fear, and gave the Mexican team all that they could handle, even when they (the Angolans) were down to 10 men.

To continue a theme from a prior post, the Mexican players had some very subtle diving techniques, but it felt like the Angolans were being called for a lot of petty infractions. I had been going to make an extended argument about how there should be a World Cup equivalent of DWB (driving while black) called PWA, for "Playing while African." Unfortunately I must have had my Palancas Negras! glasses on, because the data are inconclusive in this case: fouls by Mexico, 20, by Angola, 22. Angola managed to pick up 5 yellows to Mexico's 1, plus a (completely justified) sending off for sticking a hand up to block a ball.

I want to support Mexico as well, I really do, but I can't get there from here. They are kind of a negative team to watch.


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