Happy Fathers Day

Not a good day for watching footie round my house, but not a lot of good footie to watch.

Japan – Croatia: Caught a few minutes over a bowl of cereal. Caught the last few minutes after returning from an abortive trip to the zoo, due to whiny sick child (honestly, the nerve of some people.) It's just as well though. At the beginning of the Japan game, I thought, "Crikey, those Japanese players are a bit shorter than the Croats!" Seconds later, ABC put up a graphic listing the squads' respective average height (5'11" versus 6'1" if you must know). The fact that I was channeling an ABC producer left me with the urge to head to the lion enclosure with a couple of bottles of barbeque sauce to see if I could tempt the lazy bastards into ending the misery… but I rallied.

Brazil – Australia: missed the first half due an abortive attempt to get lunch at a local eatery (sense a theme here?) Anyway, between Bresciano's volley and Viduka's surprising stylish chip, I thought Australia deserved at least a draw. They were really taking the game to the Brazilians who plainly were not that interested except insofar as they wanted to proceed to the next round after today… You can count me in on the bandwagon of Brazil wearing out their samba welcome; there was something petulant about their play: clearly technically superior but they plainly couldn't be arsed to do anything too terribly interesting. However, they do get points for fielding forward (Right Said) Fred, who was not too sexy to score a goal.

France – South Korea: life's too short, so I went to the supermarket, watched a few minutes of the second half, and then went out for dinner with the family… apparently France managed to blow the lead they had when I turned off the television. When I think about the skill and pace of France in the 98 World Cup final when they hammered Brazil, the decline defies description.

On a personal note: this World Cup blog has been a welcome distraction over the last several days. Thistle71 and I came uncomfortably close to not having someone to call, due to our father having a stroke on Tuesday; fortunately our mother got him to the hospital in record time and he dodged the bullet to some extent — but at least he's still here to spread his unique brand of joy. So, for all it's a terrible terrible cliche, I was reminded this week that it's never a bad idea to remind the people you love about how you feel, because you just don't know what's coming next. Here endeth the lesson.


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  1. WOW! I hope your dad is ok. I’m really enjoying your posts. You and your brother have a quick wit. Keep up the good work.

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