Immigrants’ Dilemma

So here’s my problem. Any immigrant will tell you that it’s hard to turn your back on your home country team, but 1) Scotland can’t beat the Faroe Islands far less qualify for anything these days, and 2) having wandered around the place since leaving Scotland as an infant, calling them the home team is something of a stretch anyway.

I’ve managed to overcome my dislike of the American soccer establishment to be pleased to see the team doing well, mostly because I know how much it irritates the traditional European powers — and there’s something to be said for supporting the national team in a sport where the US isn’t the presumptive favorite, unlike say track and field at the Olympics. 

However. I’ve also been pulling for the African teams on general principle, and Ghana in particular after the magnificent game they pulled out against the Czech Republic. Well hell’s bells now who do I support? I’m used to games where I’d like to see both sides lose, or be swallowed by the earth (Ohio State – Notre Dame, or perhaps any combination of Real Madrid, Lazio, Feyenoord, etc.) but not where I’d be happy to see either side win…

I have a few days to decide how to conceal my dithering indecision. 


One Response

  1. I feel bad for the US team a lot – disrespected globally and ignored locally.

    But the deal was sealed for me when I got the full 1986 Scotland World Cup kit. It was flash – navy blue jersey with white band, white shorts with navy band. Slick.

    Anyway, mix that with my second team being anyone of 204 FIFA sanctioned squads playing England at any given time, and I have no room.

    If Simone Perrota can play for Italy, I can pull for the land of misery and haggis and not feel too awkward. Constantly miserable, but not awkward.

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