I’m practically giddy…

Not only did we get our first international comment – from a Brazilian! – but we got a shout out from Kanu, whose tireless work and rectruitment of Swindle would have been enough (dayenhu!), but who went on to make my day by linking Inamoto with Cornholio. I'd question Kanu's judgement but since he has recognized the superiority of Bobby McMahon on Fox Soccer, well then…

Now if I could just get the stupid FeedDigest rss link on the right to work, I would be in a state of near bliss. 


One Response

  1. Thanks you Good Sir, and right back at you. I’m glad I found this place, I rather like it.

    Tireless is the key word, as in getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to watch and staying up way too late to write. If this tournament is anything it is relentless.

    Bobbeh is the best commentator/analyst in any sport out there today, period. Makes me pull for Dundee United and I can;t name a single player, their stadium, nor have I ever seen a match 0 I don’t even know what color their kit is.

    He is better than Tommeh on ESPN, although the battle of the legendary accents is a draw.

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