Is Stern taking the piss?

So there are plenty of sites with pictures of the World Cup, covering hotties, oddballs, etc. And while I've read nothing but glowing reports about the German hosts, I think they might be gently taking the piss. Why? Well, take a look at the following selection of pictures from newspaper Stern of "sexy" fans to see if you can spot the obvious cultural provocation. Then cast your eye, carefully, over the pictures of England fans…

(note: all images linked to larger versions)


Well, this seems reasonable.


It's still 2 – 0, fraulein, but very nice nevertheless.


Great, now we're f**cked.

So anyway, on to the England fans. We start out with some harmless family types…


…and some more "traditional" fans…


…and then on to perenially hilarious jokes about buggery and the war…


…and then it all falls apart…


sweet merciful… quick, a picture of a lovely English lass…

…ah, um, err…

oh for f*ck's sake try again!


oh no it's Rooney's granny slapper! MY EYES! MY EYES![whimpering in corner…]


One Response

  1. man thats funny what are these people thinking!

  2. DCT-


    Oh, I’m nicking that pic of the Swedish bird on top for my site, so I just wanted to give you a tip of the cap and say thanks and that you’ll be getting your royalty check in the mail (10% of $0.00 is $0.00 – my Accounts Payable Department loves that that part).

    Keep up the good stuff man.

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