WC 2006: A Brazilian View*

So apparently I am not the only one to notice that Brazil hasn't really been setting the world alight thus far. The Guardian had a correspondent from O Globo on their daily podcast who minced no words. A more diplomatic approach was on display in this article from the Daily Tory-graph, in which retired Brazilian midfielder Leonardo shows a masterful use of the euphemism. Highlights include:

On Ronaldo: "It is obvious that he is not fit and there is something strange about his body language." Translated: even an overweight consultant could do the job, in the meantime he seems strangely unmotivated when there is neither meat nor hotties in view. "Even half-fit, however, he offers a team something" – a center of gravity, ballast for the bus, an excuse?

On Ronaldinho: "I think he has been affected by the pre-tournament focus on Brazil's light-hearted approach. The press talked of players joking around, singing, dancing, playing tricks, entertaining 25,000 spectators at their practice ground. He said he wanted to be more serious about winning the World Cup." translated: we hadn't realized that being Nike's tame performing footballers might get in the way of actually playing.

On the defense: "The defence looked shaky against Croatia and Australia because we weren't playing our natural attacking game." translated: our only hope against better teams than we've played thus far, is to keep-the-ball-away from our defenders.

On Brazil's chances: "When Brazil play against better teams who don't pack men behind the ball, the space will come." translated: when we play a team with the tactical nous of a pack of small children, we will win convincingly. Of course, I say that and now they'll end up playing England in the final and win.

Except of course England's not going to get any closer to the final than I am.

*You saw the phrase "a Brazilian view" and were hoping for something a little more totty-oriented, weren't you? Filthy so-and-so. Follow the link


3 Responses

  1. Good link!

    You can’t imagine how frustraded WE are… (brazilians, I mean).

    Hope we meet you guys along the competition… always a nice game, with a nice ending. 😉

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by! All I really want to see is Ronaldinho make someone cry with his trickery — is that so much to ask? Best of luck…

  3. […] Not only did we get our first international comment – from a Brazilian! – but we got a shout out from Kanu, whose tireless work and rectruitment of Swindle would have been enough (dayenhu!), but who went on to make my day by linking Inamoto with Cornholio. I'd question Kanu's judgement but since he has recognized the superiority of Bobby McMahon on Fox Soccer, well then… […]

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