Round 2 to be Figolicious!

It's official – the second round will feature Holland vs. Portugal and Argentina vs. Mexico.

Forgive my excitment, but I find these match-ups a little more enthralling than the England/Ecuador and Germany/Sweden fixtures solidified yesterday.  Granted with Ecuador there is the chance to watch a grown man pull a yellow spiderman mask out of his shorts after 90 minutes (let me repeat that, but reversed – after ninety minutes, he pulled the mask out of his shorts…and put it on…for the full extent of the match, that mask was down below absorbing all manner of sweat…whether the mask was allowed to breath at halftime is irrelevant to the level of nasty involved), but that would be the marquee moment of a match where England will fall apart, but still manage to win. 


"Mi nombre es Senior Máscara del Hedor"

Germany vs. Sweden could be described as a classic northern European romp.  It could be, but I'm not going to do it.  It could potentially be a bruiser, though more likely a snoozer (channelling the spirit of Nipsy Russel).  Obviously, I will watch regardless so that I can bear witness to another tournament where Germany advance further than anyone not named Klaus or Üter wants them to.

Today, the second round took a turn for the better.  Holland v. Portugal, in particular, I believe will be fantastic.  Yes, fantastic.  Both possess an exceptional ability to underplay and frustrate only to raise their respective games with brilliant moments of flair.  Both have odious and greedy young wingers who feature for Premiership teams I hate (and moonlight as Olympic divers). 

Of particular note in this game will be the organization of the Dutch, especially on set pieces.  They are quite tidy on dealing with corners especially.  Any Portuguese goals will have to come from open play, which me likey.  The Dutch seem to be truly adept at absorbing attacking pressure, however, so I could see Portugal getting frustrated and pouty by the half.

Argentina v. Mexico – expect hammered square-crosses into the box from Mexico, some flash from Argentina, and plenty of diving.  You heard it here first!  Let me say this though, those squared crosses will be good, the flash will be brilliant, and the diving quite handy. 


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