Muzzy Izzet – You Will Be Missed

Unrelated to the World Cup, I would just like to mention that one of the great names of the English League, Muzzy Izzet, has been forced to retire due to injury. Other than a brilliant name, he was also a part of classic Leicester City line-up featuring Matt Elliot, Robbie Savage, Neil Lennon and Emile William Ivanhoe Heskey (remember him? He has 43 caps for England…no really) that was lead by Martin O’Neill. Some of those names have become dubious (Lennon and Savage), some legendary (O’Neill) and others forgettable (Elliot), but Izzet, no matter what league he was in remained an honest hardworking player. If only the Great Charlatan, Sven-Göran Eriksson, stuck with his policy of picking unfashionable players from unfashionable teams, like poor old Chris Powell, Izzet would have served England well. Industrious and well-named.


3 Responses

  1. Time was, Joe Cole was an undisciplined waster and Izzet was to be the future of English midfielders. A couple of ho-hum seasons, no England selection, and a call up to Turkey to sit on the bench… a shame.

  2. He could not have served England in any way, because he had already played for Turkey

  3. he’d waited to play for england, never got the call. he hadn’t played for turkey when leicester city were in the 97 league cup final. that was a good season for him.

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