Glory Hunting with Portugal and Brazil – Shame Me All You Want

I am now in a position where my underdog team (T&T) has been eliminated, my back up national team (Holland) has been eliminated and both of my back up underdogs (Ghana and Australia) have been eliminated.  I am left bereft of a team to cheer on…so you think.

Now we enter the truly mercenary stage of World Cup fandom peculiar to those of us who do not support superpowers.  I am now in the liberating position to pick and choose the team(s) that shall be graced with my good thoughts.  These teams shall be (insert drum roll) Portugal and Brazil.

As to why, the answer is quite simple.  I don’t have some complex connection to either country, outwith my having known a couple brazilians and enjoying my fair share of brazilian grilled meat and and appreciating the Snoop Dogg/Pharrell video…those are actually pretty good reasons…

Basically, after Euro 2000 so enamored was I with Abel Xavier and his fantastic hair and beard combo, I went out and bought a Portugal jersey.  Not long after, I found a retro 1970 Brazil jersey in a thrift store in rural Oregon.

There it lies – I will be supporting Portugal and Brazil because I have the jerseys.  Mercenary and vacuous?  Maybe, but whatever.  I have gone for heart, now I hunt for glory.


Abel, we hardly knew thee.


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