the ultimate anti-soccer article

I had been working up a post about various articles on soccer during the World Cup and how they illustrate three main streams of thinking about soccer in the US. I may yet post it — but it has become superfluous because I have found the pinnacle of asinine writing on the subject.

I am indebted, both generally and in this case, to Goal Post, which is The New Republic’s blog about the World Cup. Great stuff. One contributor is conservative Scottish historian Alan Massie, who posted today about a gem of an article in the Weekly Standard.

Now ordinarily I don’t read tripe of that nature, but I went and had a look, and Massie’s post is probably selling the article short. Suffice to say, it turns out that if you like soccer, you are failing to embrace America’s positivity about life and belief in progress and improvement, and instead choosing nihilism, anomie, and relativism in the form of a sport that defies evolution etc.

Now for a moment I wondered if the article was actually satirical, but there was at least one more anti-soccer article to be found. Also, I don’t get the impression that the Weekly Standard really does irony; if they have changed their mind then of course the two guys who wrote the article are a threat to Stephen Colbert. Because surely no-one would imply that a sport played by hundreds of millions of people is so morally retrograde as to demonstrate that the US, bouyed by its own sports, is plainly the pinnacle of humanity, a beacon to the lumpen proles who kick balls around because they know no better.

Anyway, I am not linking directly to the original article because I’m not sending them traffic directly, it might only encourage them. You’re grown-ups (I’m assuming) so you can track it down from Massie’s post if you’re interested.


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