Don’t go Klinsi!

I am about to undertake a post of rampant hypocrisy. Despite not being a big fan of the Germans, which you can verify from some “unfiltered” comments on Kanu’s blog, I can’t say enough about what Klinsmann has done to Die Mannschaft, and all for the better.

So that’s why, even though I’m dreaming, I’d like to see him stay through Euro 2008 to consolidate the changes. That would be better for good football overall for the next 8 years or so, when you look at the ages of the players that he’s brought in.

However, if the rumor mill is correct and Klinsmann is about to join up with the US, it will be a huge coup for the USSF but will take muuuuuuuch longer to yield the same results — that is, better football for major competitions. I have no doubt that Klinsi would 1) field the best team, and 2) better match tactics to available players, but he’s facing some time yet of working with the tactical naifs that populate the US national side…

And I can only imagine how much it would irritate the generation of the 90s who make their living commenting on US soccer to be faced with someone who wasn’t part of the UVA mafia and actually has achieved something in international footie… ha! Maybe I’m wrong and Klinsmann should come.

Postscript: If Klinsmann doesn’t come, Arena still needs to go, it’s time. Since there’s not much on the horizon for a while, I think USSF should wait and see if Sir Alex Ferguson retires in 2007. Old Scottish people quite like to retire to warm places, and if nothing else I bet he could make Landon Donovan blub within 5 minutes…


2 Responses

  1. I’ll be very sad if Klinsmann departs from German football so soon..

  2. […] Back in July I took temporary leave of my senses and suggested that Jurgen Klinsmann shouldn’t saddle himself with the job of managing the US men’s team. Looks like he reached the same conclusion. […]

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