hell flies and pigs freeze

Before it all began, I called Italy as the tournament winners. There is a strong chance that after today I will have been right. Honestly, the prospect terrifies me. I cannot begin to convey how innacurate my sports predictions have been throughout my life. A truth best encapsulated in my 1998 quote, “Yeah, France are okay, but they will be lucky to get past the second round.” sigh.

I missed out on some entries as I was trolling around British Columbia, so let me do a quick run through – Italy v. Germany – damn that was good. France v. Portugal – Zzzzzz. That about covers it.

Must say that watching the World Cup in Canada is where it’s at. They pick up the British feed, so no one is left to defend their neural integrity against the innane musings of the Balboa or the Delacamera. There is also, for a North American country arguably as equally unenamored with the global game as the States, a surprising tolerance, and dare I say national interest in the global event. You have the obvious zeal from various immigrant communities and various random soccer enthusiasts, but I was surprised when sitting at a Starbucks in Gastown looking through the more than adequate media coverage in a local paper, to hear a conversation between three junkies who had ambled over from Hastings Street that consisted of the statement, “…But Zidane really sorted those Brazilians, eh?”

So basically, I was pleasantly surprised. I also discovered that former U of O quarterback, Jason Maas – who played second fiddle to my man Akili Smith – now leads the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the CFL, and doing quite well. Apparently unlimited motion in the backfield is all he needed.

And the aforementioned junky really did say, “eh,” I am not enaging in cross border stereotyping.


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