a few more thoughts on the final

A few more thoughts on the Final…

I meant to give a shout out to Lilian Thuram — another defensive stud. That goal-line clearance was something to behold.

And I think I enjoyed, for non-schadenfreude reasons, watching Makelele after the award of second place medal when he promptly took it off. I hadn’t really seen much of Makelele during the EPL season because I wasn’t much interested in Chelsea games (oh look, they won), but now that I see what a miserable git he is, I shall pay much closer attention. Is he half-Scottish? If not, he should be an honourary member. Weclome to the club, MacElele!

There’s been a significant amount of moralizing about the Zidane head-butt. One thread says that Zidane has disgraced himself, another that Materazzi is a racist thug who provoked Zidane, another that Zidane has prior incidents of this type, etc.

I have no clue about the causes of what happened. Zidane seemed frustrated — the shouting fit after Buffon failed to emulate Taffarel and saved Zidane’s header — so perhaps some provocation that could have been ignored proved too much.

It’s not worth tut-tutting at Zidane as many including the editor of L’Equipe have done, because he paid an immediate price in looking like a jackass at a critical moment for the team… and right at the end of his playing career.

Interestingly, in amongst all the speculation about Materazzi calling Zidane a terrorist or insulting his wife, is this post on The New Republic’s Goal Post suggesting that Materazzi accused Zidane’s father of being a turncoat in fighting for the French in Algeria.


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  1. well at the risk of being totally politically incorrect – some credit would have to go to materazzi for even knowing the term “harki,” had it been the case that he actually used it.

    must say i am a bit dissapointed though. i was looking forward to discovering some new italian insult that could be used for all occassions and not just against ethnic algerian transgressors.

  2. The only flaw in this theory is that Materazzi would have had to have learned and remembered “harki.” That seems implausible, at that stage in the game.

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