Anybody Fancy a Rouge

The older I get, the more sports I watch.  Perhaps I tire of depressing news and chose instead to have my blood pressure raised by watching men in shorts or tight pants play with balls…wait…

Anyway, it’s only been three days of no World Cup and I am already suffereing withdrawals.  Post World Cup is quite the cold turkey experience.  Completely sports-addled after a month long tournament of global sporting joy, I must carefully ween myself off of the sporting madness lest I find myself wandering the back alleys of suburban strip malls, peering into the windows of random sports bar, blinding myself with my proximity to flourescent Miller Lite signs in the faint hope of catching the tenth daily rebroadcast of SportsCenter.

(I should mention that I have little to no interest in Baseball particularly because the older I get, the more I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid on the issue of how it reflects the  purity of the American spirit – corked bats and pine tar, anyone?)

Anyway, to shorten the ramble – I have adopted Canadian Leage Football as my summer sport.  Saving the reader (wishful thinking) of any detailed discussion, at least until challenged, let me say – they have a good thing going up there.  Watched some through out the years, mainly Grey Cups, but recently got into watching the Friday Night games being broadcast on my local cable.  Let me say this, while the caliber of player and game is obviously not to the standard of the No Fun League, like college football it is open and unpredicatble and consequently pretty fun to watch.  Plus you get to catch up on old-where-are-they-now college stars.  Kenny Wheaton, you will live forever.

With that I ask, what was up with Zidane’s Mafia-chic?  The coat draped over the shoulders like he was in the French Connection 2.  Upon leaving the interview, he no doubt had to head back to Marseilles to re-inject some heroin into a plucky New York cop bearing a striking resemblance to Lex Luther.


“We do not speak of this thing of ours”


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