A New Season Dawns (well, in two months)

Realistically, my Oregon Ducks -with pretty tough away schedule at Fresno State, Cal, USC, Wazzu, ASU, and Oregon State plus a home game against Oklahoma – will be fortunate to have a winning season.  I predict a best case scenario of a 7-5 season, though I could easily see a 6-6.

That said, with our new uniforms unveiled, we will be lucky not to get mugged in the East Bay.


one of these uniforms is fake, but not the one you think…


Adding to the mix is the much maligned dual QB system that succeeds in creating one big name for an average guy playing above his ability and ruining the good name of another very able fella who gets progressively fewer starts (Smith-Maas, Harrington-Feely).  Of note is that one of the QB’s has a garners a respectable name in College football, while the other becomes a more successful pro.  Example Jason Maas is a hero to many Edmonton Eskimo fans, while Akili Smith is doing something, I guess; Harrington is actually banned from ever again stepping foot in Michigan, while my boy AJ Feely is doing this.


“Joey Who?”

The season is further compounded by the fact that Bellotti’s decisions to not roll with the injury punches last season and not redshirt either Jonathon Stewart or the wonderfully named Jeremiah Johnson, has lead to the very able Terrell Jackson to search for greener pastures (and perhaps a University with more Butch Uni’s).  I can only hope that out of the 3 QB commits Belloti picked up, he opts to redshirt at least one.  Unless we are about to see the unveiling of a pentagonal QB rotation system.

I miss Bellotti with Moustache.


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