Now that’s entertainment

My father once went to Italy on a business trip and flew into Malpensa airport. He walked out to find no taxis at all and some smoke in the distance… then a cow walked by. It turned out that some local farmers were protesting something and had blocked the roads to the airport, and the cow had got bored at the blockade and wandered off…

So in the midst of the uproar in Italy over the demotion of Lazio, Juventus, and Fiorentina, I am much in favor of the latest tactic from Fiorentina fans as they are led onward in protest by a famed film director:

Guardian Unlimited Football | News | Football fans block railway line after Zeffirelli call to arms

That’s truly splendid. It would be a bit like Oliver Stone causing people to block Interstate 405 and 5 as the Raiders packed up and went back to Oakland, except not.


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