Nice to see we’re getting all sorts

A quick review of the searches that lead people to this blog is illuminating. Now that the World Cup has started to recede into the background, the number of Zidane and Materazzi queries have dropped a bit. And you can tell that college football season is on the way because yesterday someone found their way here following the search “Trojans suck” — which is funny,firstly because they took the time to capitalize the word “Trojans,” and also because that was going to be the original ironic-hipster title of the blog… or not.

BTW I spent today recycling and/or trashing the contents of my office as I left megacorp today and start at more-megacorp tomorrow — so posting will be a bit light for the next little while.


2 Responses

  1. That’s OK. At least it was trojan hater that is keeping the competeive fires stoked.

    I had a USC guy come to my site and tell me I was unqualified to run the SC blog at SBN because I didn’t have enough “Trojanitis”, his words not mine.

    He was touting the guys at Trojan Wire, who run a good blog, by stating THEY should have got the SBN gig. Then he complained that I didn’t visit the other SC blogs enough, if at all. Such is life.

    He actually thought I was Nestor at BN dressed up like a Trojan. Oh well I deleted the post and moved on. Just goes to show you that you can’t make everyone happy.

    Oh Happy Days 🙂

  2. I saw that comment; didn’t seem worth a response, not least because I figured it wouldn’t survive your review!

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