So…I’m basically killing time until college football season begins.  The English League will be kicking off soon, but last season was pretty dire and I am not hopeful for next season’s prospects (ie. Chelsea winning).  Added to which, Fox’s insistance on deciding to show barnstormers between Fulham and Aston Villa or any other mediocre boring team, and it looks as though Champions League will be my main outlet for futbol.  Could be worse really.

So now that i have decided thay my Saturdays will be without conflict, I simply play the waiting game.  I am not alone.  There is stress on the messageboards.  Never being much for contributing to message boards, I usually spend a small chunk of downtime scanning a few select message boards in the faint hope of erudition.  To say that I am left disappointed would necessitate that I have some level of expectation, which I don’t.

Even the punditry is lacking, because any analyst worth his or her salt is fully aware that pretty much anything can happen within certain reasonable confines – a winning season can be a losing season with a few of the wrong breaks for example.  Bold predictions equal bold failure.  Accurate predictions require innate skill and/or extensive research.  I am neither in possession of the former or guilty of the latter.  I have few predictions that are not based in wishfull thinking and alumni loyalty. 

Here are some things I do know, however –

a) Texas RB Ramonce Taylor quoted Frederick Douglass when explaining his decision to transfer after being dropped from the team for academic violations and subsequently being arrested with 5 pounds of marijuana.  (Little known fact that The North Star  was actually a 19th Century precursor to High Times and that he attended the Seneca Falls Convention purely for the purposes of slinging some New Bedford Dank)

b) With the drafting into the NFL of Haloti Ngata, Deuce Lutui and Marvin Philip, the ethnic Tongan population of the league doubled.  Neat.

c) Lawrence Tynes remains the lone representative in the NFL for Scotland.  Good lookin’ out, son.  Good lookin’ out.


4 Responses

  1. I like watching Bolton; get a damn DirecTV dish and start watching the hurling already.

  2. funny how i didn’t actually mention bolton, yet you jump to their defence immediately upon the mention of irrelevant and boring teams…hmmm…

  3. […] While some people think that Bolton are boring, and Allardyce is, no doubt that Rafa Benitez would like to have that kind of dull existence without reading Stevie Me’s autobiography. […]

  4. […] Regular readers who actually care about soccer (which I think would be Kanu)  might remember that Thistle71 has not been a huge fan of Bolton. Past thoughts include: funny how i didn’t actually mention bolton, yet you jump to their defence immediately upon the mention of irrelevant and boring teams…hmmm… […]

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