Summary of Pac-10 Media day

Pete Carroll: “I know we lost a lot of players and there’s been all kinds of off-field mayhem, and we don’t really have any experience at running back, but I’m psyched and we’re going to kick ass!”

Other coaches: “We’re still taking USC seriously, they still have a lot of talent, etc., etc., etc.”

There, that saved you some time, and you probably could have guessed anyway. Plainly Carroll is only ever going to be 6 degrees of separation from spontaneous combustion by enthusiasm — as opposed to Ed Orgeron, who I suspect is the answer to the question,” Where will spontaneous cold fusion happen first?”

And the other coaches really don’t have a reason to say anything else. If they get their clocks cleaned by USC, they’re on record as saying it was going to be really difficult to play them. If they win, they can say they were being smart about not provoking the Trojans, and imply that Carroll isn’t as good as he is made out to be, and so on.

But the season’s just around the corner.


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