Oh crap

There’s been a little press in the last week about the Ting brothers electing to leave the USC team to focus on studies for med school — a heartwarming tale about two students following in their father’s footsteps, etc.

Conquest Chronicles noted that there was an interview in which the Ting brothers claimed that Ryan Ting had received death threats for dropping an interception in the Rose Bowl, which seemed extreme and pretty stupid, even by the low standards of bandwagon fans.

Being cynical, I am now wondering how much of this is being used as a distraction for the story that Scott Wolf posted on the LA Daily News, which declares that Brandon Ting would have been suspended for his final season after testing positive for steroid use. The fact that the brother’s father, Dr. Arthutr King, treated Barry Bonds has already been cited though it would seem to be a coincidence.

While the Tings have solved the problem of punishment by removing themselves from the team, it seems to me that now would be a good time to test the entire team and ensure that there’s no more of this going on. I certainly hope not. I get less upset than others about punch-ups and the like, but this gets to the fundamental integrity of the program and the perception of the opposition about why they get beaten so badly.

Look, I know perfectly well that steroids don’t win games, but stronger, less worn players who are also talented, well they do win games. I hope that this isn’t something that gets “handled within the team,” because Carroll needs to make sure that it’s clear that this is unacceptable, and these young gentlemen may need some help to get that through their skulls.


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  1. This just Sucks! I can’t wait to see what BN has to say tomorrow. What can you do if it’s true but suck it up and take the grief that is sure to come.

    If untrue then Wolf needs to go, he has more stories that have turned out wrong than any other journlist I know.

    The fact Ting’s dad has treated barry bonds makes the cloud a little darker also.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. ha ha, all those steroids and you could still only beat oregon by 32 points last year!

  3. Ah, I’m wiping away a little tear from laughter. My new co-workers in cubicle land now think I’m off my head, but that’s all right.

    Speaking of Oregon, can I tell you how bitter I am that Haloti Ngata signed for the Ravens? One of my “hobbies” is supporting whoever players the Ravens or the Skins, made easier by the absence of alums or other players I endorse…

  4. your telling me – the ravens also have demetrius williams.

    i loathe the ravens. ngata, in theory, will really make a difference in their defence.

    though, the other likely team was the bills, so i just have to congratulate him on dodging that bullet.

  5. by the way, is it too late to drop the “i always thought someTING was up with those two,” pun?

  6. Never too late; noTING is on a time restriction on this site when it comes to a joke, everyTING is up for grabs. Perhaps their injections were administered by an anonymous Florence NighTINGale? (Sorry that last one was a stinker.)

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