Fall practice starts

Nothing terribly interesting in the news but fall practice has started. There are some early injuries, including Freshman WR Jamere Holland, but nothing too disturbing. And while it’s to be hoped that Holland makes a speedy recovery, SC does have some depth at that position. In the meantime, Booty claims his back feels better than ever, which might well be so, and Desmond Reed is back on the field. While his ACL is most of the way, he still has some residual nerve damage that means his foot has limited motion.

Buried in the LA Daily News story on the Holland injury and the Reed rehabilitation is the note that Reed’s doctor is Dr. Arnold Ting, AKA the father of the Ting twins and a man under probation for being a little too free with the old prescription pad. Somehow, I think it might be time to get young Mr. Reed connected with an orthopedist and neurologist in the southland — I think there might be a couple of decent docs who are also alums in LA and Orange counties…


In the wake of the announcement that Brandon Ting had tested positive for steroid use, BruinsNation weren’t the only ones to wonder about Brandon Hancock, who brings new meaning to the word “ripped.” I had to wonder myself. According to the LA Times, he’s been repeatedly tested not just by USC but also the NCAA, and come up clean each time — so at a minimum he’s smart enough to evade tests; maybe he’s even smart enough not to take the damn things in the first place.

The testing is supposed to be random but fullback Brandon Hancock sometimes wonders. The senior knows that his muscular build and recurring injuries have spurred rumors of steroid use. Hancock said he has been tested eight to 10 times by USC and at least three times by the NCAA.

He said he has never tested positive but joked: “It’s like I’m part of the usual suspects.”


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