They Have Spoken

USA Today Coaches Poll came out today.  SC is tied with Notre Dame for the 3rd Spot, with Cal and Oregon at 12 and 20, respectively.  Not too shabby.  Meaningless, but not too shabby.

However, I remain one of the few that won’t drink the Telegraph Avenue Kool Aid regarding Cal, though.  I just don’t buy that, good though they are, Cal are that much better than the rest of the PAC-10 and in anyway the heir apparent to USC’s crown. 

They had the benefit of quarterback instability (or at least ineptitude) to explain away a 4-4 record, but as for this season – I’ll believe it when I see it. 

The key to why I don’t buy Cal comes in last season’s losses.  Their loss to SC is arguably forgivable as everyone (almost) lost to the Trojans, but it was the other losses that were far more telling.

There is little excuse for not getting more than 20 points past an Oregon State defense that gave up more points than Washington. 

Against UCLA and Washington State (Cal won the latter I know, but run with me for a second), Cal showed a great deal of weakness.  A team that is supposedly challenging for a Pac-10 title and a BCS bid should not be letting anyone who isn’t USC be scoring over 40 points a piece on them. 

Against Oregon, a team who had just lost their star quarterback replacing him with a dual system that included a scion of the Leaf family, Cal should have shone.  They didn’t.  Credit should go to a very good Duck defense, but if there was a game for the Ducks to be taken advantage of, it was that one.  Cal just didn’t have what it took to do so.

As stated earlier, despite a 12 ranking and a load of hooplah over Marshawn Lynch and the Jeff Tedford Collective, I am taking a “believe it when I see it,” approach to Cal.  I still think Oregon are better.  So there.


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  1. Well the spreads came out today in the USA today as well for the opening weekend and #12Cal At #23 Tennessee has Vegas going with Tennessee as 2 point favorites. I know home field is worth 3 1/2 but still, this tells you right there that Vegas thinks Cal is only a thin hair better than the Vols at 23, I agree, I don’t think Cal is that great either. 5-3 in the conference maybe, 6-2 if they are lucky, 4-4 if they catch some bad breaks. either way, not that great.

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