OMG! Maurice Clarett, DUI? WTF? LOL, HH

Sit back and hold on, because I am going to blow your mind…Maurice Clarett is nuts.  No really, bonkers.  Seriously…three votes short of a Quebecois Secessionist vote.  One point short of a rouge.  Gone.

Already awaiting trial for you name it, Maurice Clarett was arrested after making an illegal u-turn on a highway, found with half a bottle of vodka, a loaded 9mm, a loaded rifle and three more loaded handguns.

What could make someone lose it so aggressively and in such a self-destructive manner?  Ruined expectations?  Failed goals?  No.

The answer behind the question of his madness is quite clearly provided in a little cautionary tale that more of us should have paid attention to (other than Red Dawn), They Live.

Clarett, driven by a revelation of global wrongdoing was likely driving to intercept the greatest threat to the human race, aiming to neutralize it – people thought Rowdy Roddy was crazy too, let us not forget.  He was just enlightened.  It was our subliminally induced ignorance that clouded our vision. The exact scenario, I believe, played out something like this…

tlst10.jpg Thanks to the assistance of a down on his luck nomad, Clarett dons the Hoffman Lenses for the first time…

tlst03.jpg …watches the announcement of the new NFL commissioner…

tlst12.jpg …loads up and heads to Bristol, Connecticut to blow up the main satellite dish responsible for our controlled minds…

tlst05.jpg …is intercepted.

clarett_65.jpg “I came here to chew bubblegum and kick some ass…unfortunately, I packed plenty of bubblegum.”


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