Hancock’s knee, Jarrett’s judgement

You can find broader coverage elsewhere, so I’ll keep the details to a minimum… Brandon Hancock is out for the season with a knee injury; since the LA Times quoted him saying that he didn’t expect to be back due to a general absence of cartilage, I’m guessing that’s it for football period for Mr. Hancock. An unfortunate way for him to end his career and a definite loss for the defense.

On the other hand, Jarrett continues with his “wrong place, wrong time” lifestyle and was briefly cuffed by the LAPD, along with OL Thomas Herring, as LA’s finest investigated what they thought was a car involved in a felony. Turns out they were “mistaken,” inasmuch as they apparently were in the midst of a DWB episode. One does wonder about whether the LAPD could have connected some dots about two young men who are 6’5″ / 210 lbs and 6’6″ / 355 lbs respectively, right near the USC campus…Still, it could be worse, when Sherman Block’s LA Sheriff’s Department was in full swing Jarrett and Herrick would have been shot while trying to escape (handcuffed and on their knees).

Anyway, extending some trenchant comments that I wrote in an email to Thistle71 about Jarrett : Good thing that guy’s going to be playing on Sunday because I don’t know that a white collar career is in the cards… not that bad judgement automatically disqualifies you. But for Jarrett, probably not, except perhaps as a corporate fall guy for some over-privileged CEO (Leinart) who uses him as cover(Leinart), not that Jarrett has any (Leinart) experience (Leinart) in that area. (Leinart).


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