Fulham flayed

I was able to watch all of 7 minutes of the bumper footy coverage on Saturday as the English and other leagues got under way. Apparently the real beat-down of the weekend was Manchester United putting a 5 – 1 hurt on Fulham. This morning I was listening to a podcast of BBC Radio 5 Live’s Sunday program “Sports Week,” which included a (pre-battering) interview with Fulham manager Chris Coleman. He seemed a decent sort, which makes the hour he apparently spent opening new orifices for his players post-game all the more impressive.

On a marginally related note, what the hell is up with Fox Soccer Channel coverage? I was watching a little of the Reading – Middlesboro match, Boro had just scored their second goal, and I was watching the trailing scores below — which revealed not just that Herenveen was yet to play in Holland, but that Reading had beaten Middlesboro 3-2. I made the mistake of exclaiming aloud about this just as the missus drifted in to enquire as to whether I planned on spending any time with the children over the weekend, and that was that.

BTW, as much as 5 – 1 must have hurt Fulham, they were in better shape than Dutch side NAC Breda, who were on the wrong side of a 8 – 1 scoreline with AZ Alkmaar. That’s sort of like losing 66 – 19.


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