alternative WSJ rankings

From the great minds think alike department:

Last week the missus was laughing at me for watching pre-season games based largely on whether there were USC players involved. It occured to me that one of the effects of the Pete Carroll era has been a real spike in the number of SC players being drafted into the NFL — for most of the 90s, decent players might have gone in, but when you saw starters listed for NFL broadcasts it was your Michigans, Floridas, and so on represented, plus the de rigeuer player from somewhere like Middle Tennessee State whose talent increased in college and got lucky that someone noticed. I was thinking about trying to trace players from the 90s (did you know that R. Jay Soward is playing in Canada? Well, if you’re not Thistle71, I bet you didn’t.) But it was time consuming and I dropped it to sleep, work, and speak to the children (they won’t take “no” for an answer).

Anyway, on Friday of last week the Wall Street Journal published an alternate ranking of college teams based on how their players did in the NFL, with scores based on starter / backup status and playing time. Florida State came in first, which was attributed to recruiting talented players and letting them work with a simple play scheme so they could get good at what they do. USC came in at 15th, which seems reasonable enough. Anyway, the article’s well worth a read, although those of a sensitive, Duck-like disposition might want to stop reading the “Over-rated” table after the second spot…

HT to Conquest Chronicles for the link; my copy of the paper went out in the recycling before I could blog this and I wasn’t going to try and recreate from memory…


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  1. My pleasure sir. hope all is well.

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