where will this SC season fit?

I have a slight sense of foreboding about this season for USC, simply because I haven’t been here — which is to say, waiting for the next stage after a phenomenal team turns over — as a fan.

A quick timeline of my time supporting the Trojans:

1988 – 1992: College. Don’t remember much, frankly, but I know SC was good for the first couple of seasons before the false dawn of Marinovich. Included my personal nadir as a fan, without doubt, when I came home from Rhode Island after a crappy first semester in grad school and went in person to watch Fresno State beat USC in the  Freedom Bowl. It wasn’t so much that SC lost as that they didn’t even try. That was galling.

1993 – 2000: For USC, an uneven stretch. For me, the grad school years followed by the beginning of my rehabilitation as a productive cog in the capitalist machine. I didn’t do anything silly like finish my PhD and frankly I didn’t see that many games while living in Rhode Island either — they tended to show BC and a lot of the Big 10. I do remember buying pitchers galore for uncomprehending friends (who had gone to schools like Puget Sound and Oxford) after USC beat Notre Dame in Holtz’s last game in charge. In the meantime, I got hitched and moved to DC, whence I monitored the slow final descent of Hackett. Went to the 2000 kick-off Classic against Penn State, which was not an accurate indicator for that season, it turned out.

2001 – 2005: To be honest, I wasn’t sure why SC hired Pete Carroll, but it plainly has worked out okay thus far… (!) I’ve managed to see a couple of games in this stretch in person, U-Dub in Seattle in 2003 and the VT season opener in 2004 at FedEx Field in lovely Lanham MD. The best part about the run was not so much the winning as what EDSBS.com referred to as the “mad bastard” approaching to coaching — getting a bunch of talented players together and going for the gusto. I felt sick at the end of the Rose Bowl on January 4th, but not because I felt that SC had been jobbed — it was the final straw after having spent the season on a knife edge over the streak and whether or not USC could repeat as mythical national champions.

So, for this season, I am pleased to see the new team have the chance to start their own streak — or not. I am a little nervous about a number of games, because payback’s a bitch, and there are any number of sides with reason to go after USC… I can but watch and see. Dull it won’t be.


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  1. USC hired Carroll because when Garrett came within ten feet of his real hiring targets they all ran away. Okay, not really but Carroll was around USC because Pete’s daughter was at SC.

    Her profile for the volleyball team:

  2. No, now that you mention it, it does ring a bell. I wonder if Garrett periodically looks at the hardware in Heritage Hall and the revenue sheets and starts giggling uncontrollably…

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