Pulse check on SC’s opposition, week of 9/4/06

Since I don’t do this for a living. I don’t labor under the delusion that the first couple of weeks necessarily tell us much about seasonal prospects. However I do think that it’s worth taking a weekly pulse check on the opposition, against my half-assed predictions.

Arkansas: Well. Plainly not as hard as I was expecting. Might have done better had they 1) put in Mustain sooner, and 2) not coughed up the ball repeatedly. Then again, maybe not. No idea how they will adapt to the rest of the season.

Nebraska: Slight increase in in concern. Saw a little of their game against LA Tech. Nebraska’s passing was better than I expected, but then I wasn’t expecting much. Hard to tell where their weaknesses were when the defense wasn’t spending much time on the field.

Arizona: No change. Well, that new offense might need a few more weeks to hang together. In the meantime, they are more of a danger to individual punters than entire teams.

Washington State: No change. Pushed Auburn initially but succumbed.

Washington: No change. Beat San Jose State by 6 despite 3 turnovers. Stanback’s running made the difference, which either means that U-Dub is hosed or they have found a Vince-Young-lite approach to getting out of trouble. However, you need a Vince Young for that to work all the time.

Arizona State: No change. Near miss against Northern Arizona isn’t strictly encouraging. For ASU.

Oregon State: No change. Beat I-AA Eastern Washington.

Stanford: No change. Took a spanking. Currently working up a multi-discplinary research proposal for location of their defense.

Oregon: Slight increase in concern. Showed imrovements in all areas I mentioned (QB, DL, RB) and then some.

Cal: No change. They might improve on that display, mostly because it couldn’t get too much worse.

Notre Dame: no change. Will wait to see whether this bizarro game of no offense, and a defense not overly tested by Calvin Johnson, is representative.

UCLA: Slight increase in concern. Their defense seemed better, but it was Utah after all — if their trick plays don’t work, they (Utah) aren’t great at gutting out a win with talent at fundamentals. Initial impression is that new QB Other Olson has the required mojo and calm — another reason to insist on starters being under the age of 25 or whatever.


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  1. Great analysis! You’re dead on. This weekend will start to separate the men from the boys.

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