Dropped on the smurf turf

Even if Thistle71 weren’t a Duck, I wouldn’t like Oregon State. There’s something about their attitude — preening when they think they’re winning, petulant in defeat — that goes beyond the usual college football nonsense and gets under my skin…

So you can imagine how my initial horror at finding them up by 14 on Boise State evaporated as the Beavers took a shelling of epic proportions in Boise. They seemed vulnerable to pass rushing, especially from the corners, and their O-line wasn’t terribly effective at opening running routes for the main running back. On defense, they seemed to be overwhelmed against run blocking, but not too awful on pass coverage — though that might be a function of Boise State not passing all that much.

Ian Johnson was on fire, by the way, and the three (three!) Beavers who couldn’t tackle him shy of the end-zone need to get back in the weight room or double up on the ho-ho’s, or something.

Anyway, I shall be interested to see whether this was just a team unravelling tonight as they got behind, or if these are issues more at the level of fundamentals. If it’s the latter, it could be a very long game for the Beavers on October 28.


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