two more cents

as to the oregon state-boise state game, let me open with a ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

let me follow with a hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

and conclude with…well you get the point.

key issue from the game – matt moore seriously blows.  when a back up with a dodgy knee makes you look pedestrian, you are not likely getting earmarked by any CFL scouts.

i missed large chunks of this game as i was working late and bereft of motivation to hustle back home to watch the corvallis community college cletus spucklers.  no disrespect to boise state who have snuggled firmly into the 2nd team role over the past three seasons, but to quote one sgt. murtaugh, ‘i’m getting too old for this sh*t!”  not really, i just wanted to work a danny glover quote in.

i will close by saying, if you ever find yourself in boise during the season, stop by the stadium – nice fans and there are a series of bars right across the street that have tailgate events.  plus, they totally out-hick oregon and oregon state fans, which is saying something.  (hunting orange trumps green hunting camo)


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