last week, before this week happens

Nebraska: Don’t know if I can draw any useful conclusions from their beating Nicholl State. They seem to be on the upswing, and their improved passing game versus SC’s sudden drop in experienced starters in the secondary could make things too interesting.

Arizona: I thought that the Stoops plan was to build the defense and then the offense? That was a shellacking. even allowing for the cheap hit on Tuitama. Unless they are somehow plotting a rapid turnaround in the next 10 days, they could to struggle against SC, even with Tuitama.

Washington State: Put the beat-down on Idaho. No change.

Washington: Apparently pushed Oklahoma. Tells you more about the state of Oklahoma than anything else, but kudos to the players for actually trying for the whole game.

Arizona State: Beat down on Nevada. Probably does wonders for the confidence but that Defense still seems like a question mark.

Oregon State: this blog has already commented on the Boise State result.

Stanford: Their origins as an extension campus for Cornell have left Stanfordians with the misapprehension that they are the west coast Ivy. Their football team is certainly starting to play that way; it’s not like San Jose State was using tasers or anything.

Oregon: Very ballsy fake field goal at the end of the game; Belotti may have shaved the mustache but it’s there in spirit. People seem to think that Fresno State pushing teams close is an indictment of the other team. I’m not a Fresno State fan but there’s no doubt that they can play. Oregon may be for real; if they can work over Oklahoma this week I’ll drop the qualifier.

Cal: Well, they can beat a so-so Big 10 team. QB situation still not as worrisome to USC as it could be.

Notre Dame: Rather more like what I was expecting than the GT game. Didn’t see any of the game vs PSU but someone really needs to tell Samadrizaklkjsdazza that you hot-dog like that after the 3rd or 4th touchdown that you score. I much prefer the scarcely contained rage of Zibikowski.

UCLA: Dip in QB mojo was perhaps inevitable, and their offensive play calling left a little to be desired also. Since Rice isn’t much good against the run, I did see some of the runs that Chris Markey cracked out… if he had a more consistent O-line for the run, he’d be big trouble. Incidentally, credit where it’s due, I saw him being interviewed post game and he was a classy young guy — very sportsman-like.


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