why watching Man U is good

Actually posted some time watching footie today, in the form of the last 30 minutes of the Manchester United – Reading game. Many people hate ManU, though not perhaps as many as did now that they have Chelsea to dislike, but I’ve always drawn great pleasure from watching games that they are in.

Here’s why: as a neutral for the most part, I’ve always enjoyed watching ManU in seasons past where they would put opponents to the sword. Turning a late loss into a sudden win has many adrenalin benefits to say nothing of the schadenfreude element (e.g., the Champions League final in ’99, the closest thing I’ve ever seen in soccer to the ’05 USC – ND game…) Also, I know how much the English psyche is offended by teams that insist in succeeding and in being see to do so, far worse yet when lead by a former Clydside Socialist who’s joined in the ca-spittle-ist class.

But, it’s hard not to savour the joy when someone beats ManU or gets an unexpected result… there was some league game with Chelsea in 99 or 00 where they spanked ManU 5-0, or even today’s draw with Reading… because there’s always something satisfying about watching the opposition get some real joy in a win, and when you see an arse like Cristian Ronaldo (great player but…) pouting off the pitch, well so much the better.


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