you couldn’t make this up…

…because no-one would believe it.

You may remember the Italian soccer match-fixing scandal that broke over the summer, in the midst of the World Cup, which saw several teams getting docked points, and Juventus demoted to Serie B.

Well, it turns out that Inter Milan wasn’t just hanging around hoping to inherit the 2006 Scudetto, according to James Richardson in the Guardian:

An investigation into the clandestine activities of telecommunications giants Telecom Italia reveals that the company – who part-own Inter – were busy monitoring the phones of Juve and other key players in the Ialian game as far back as 2003, before the police had got involved in the match-fixing affair. Inter were thus at the very least party to the evidence-building against their rivals in Turin and possibly took an even more active role in compiling that evidence. Records apparently show them engaging a private detective to shadow referee Massimo De Sanctis, who was suspected of having close ties to the disgraced Juve general manager Luciano Moggi. Inter also allegedly ran surveillance on their own under-performing players, which given the numbers involved must at least have meant boom years for Milan’s PI industry.

Magic, really, I can’t even imagine an equivalent in American sports. What would we do without the Italians?


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