banged up

There’s no avoiding the injury situation at USC. I know that a good chunk of the injuries came during games, but I was thinking last night about whether perhaps the team is pushing too far in training, practice, etc.

Apparently I’m not the only one thinking about this, judging by this from Ivan Meisel at ESPN:

If a team has a lot of injuries in one season, it’s an aberration. Coaches write it off as, “It’s our turn.” If a team has a lot of injuries in consecutive seasons, it’s time to step back and at least look at how you practice and how you train. Nobody is that unlucky for that long.

A year ago, USC suffered so many injuries in its secondary that anyone walking past Howard Jones Field with a pair of cleats could have gotten a chance to play in the Rose Bowl. This season, the Trojans are down to their fourth-string fullback, are playing a freshman at tailback, and as of Tuesday, lost a second wide receiver to a shoulder injury.

Yes, both Dwayne Jarrett, who sprained his shoulder against Arizona, and Chris McFoy, who broke two bones near his shoulder Saturday at Washington State, suffered their injuries in games. But the two-year line coming out of the training room indicates more than bad luck is at work.

The good news is that defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis is expected to play Saturday against Washington. As thorough as coach Pete Carroll is, it only makes sense to take a second look.

Well, it’s frankly too late to be worrying about that now, but according to the LA Daily News Carroll is spending more time on Head Coach activities now that Holt is the defensive coordinator; perhaps he can start to think about better ways to avoid a high attrition rate.


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